American Football


American football is a team sport with very deep and spectacular sports connotations, practiced mainly in the United States, where, since the end of the XX century, it has been representing the most popular and mostly watched agonistic activity.

Since it is played with an oval-shaped ball, it is similar to rugby only by the scoring manners, but the development of the game is completely different. The main difference is that the ball may be sent onwards (although only once in the action under development), to a player who is situated in any part of the play field. The matches are disputed by two teams formed of eleven players with an almost unlimited number of player changes  due to the large number of existing roles.

Most important tournaments :

National Football League (NFL) is the biggest and the most popular professional league of American football in the world, formed of 32 teams from various cities of the United States.
At the end of every season, the playoff winners of the American Football Conference (AFC) and of the National Football Conference (NFC) meet in the championship stage, Super Bowl (which takes place in another city every year and on a neutral ground for the two teams).



In this game, one must indicate the team that will win a match, also considering extra time, given the fact that this sport does not have draws.


In this game, one must indicate the partial and final result of a match. The result is deemed obtained at the end of the regular time (the extra time is excluded).

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