Baseball is a team sport where two teams formed of 9 players fight for 9 inning, nine rounds when the two teams alternate in attack and defense stages. The pitcher (of a team) throws the ball towards the offensive player (of the other team), who tries to hit it "by batting" with an wooden bat, so that he may advance in a clockwise direction in a series of four bases, arranged at the corners of a diamond, and come back, in the end, to the departure point (home base), where he has the right to score a point for his own team.

Most important tournaments:

Major League Baseball
It is the professional league of baseball in North America and it is the championship of the highest level in the world. Each team of MLB plays in total 162 matches per season.

World Series

World Series are the finals of the American professional baseball championship, which, every October/November, declares the champion team of Major Leagues. The winner team of the National League and the winner team of the American League dispute in this match.



In baseball one may bet on two results, at the end of the game: 1 and 2 (including extra times).

1 = Victory for the host team, indicated in the left side.
2 = Victory for the guest team, indicated in the right side.


This type of game allows the player to bet on the total number of points scored during a match, having as reference a specified number, that usually goes from 7.5 to 10.5:

Under = Less than X total points scored during the match;

Over = More than X total points scored during the match.

This type of game allows the player to bet on the result of an event taking into account a start handicap. The handicap consists in a number of points deduced from the points totalized during the match by the favorite team. The handicap is always given to the host team. If the host team is considered the favorite, then several points will be deduced from its final score (-), and vice-versa, it will be awarded certain advantage points (+). Stanleybet assesses the number of points to be deduced or added to the host team.

The possibilities are:

1 = Victory for the host team

2 = Victory for the guest team

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