Boxing is a fighting sport consisting in the confrontation, inside a square area called a ring, between two athletes who fight by hitting each other with closed fists (protected by special gloves), with the aim to weaken the opponent.

Categories and weight limits:

Strawweight - 47.62kg

Mini flyweight - 48,99kg

Flyweight- 50,80kg

Super flyweight - 52,16kg

Bantamweight - 53,52kg

Super bantamweight - 55,34kg

Featherweight - 57,15kg

Junior featherweight (super featherweight) - 58,97kg

Lightweight - 61,24kg

Junior welterweight (super lightweight) - 63,50kg

Welterweight - 66,68kg

Super welterweight - 69,85kg

Middleweight - 72,58kg

Super middleweight - 76,20kg

Junior heavyweight - 79,38kg

Cruiserweight (light heavyweight) - 90,72kg

Heavyweight - 90,72kg



Bet on which of the 2 boxers will win the game.

With this type of game one may bet on which round a boxer will win the match. The winner will be the selection winning at points if at the end of all the rounds, the winner is determined by the amount of the points given by the players of the match for every round.

There is also the possibility of an odd, in case of a tie.
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